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Barefoot Contessa’s Recipe for a Perfect Marriage
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Ina Garten, known to the world as her cooking show alterego “Barefoot Contessa,” isn’t just a master with a pot and pan. She and her husband Jeffrey have managed an arguably more difficult feat than simply achieving fame as a television chef – they’ve been married nearing 50 years, and are just as in love now as the day they took their vows.

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If their charming banter and flirtatious smiles during episodes of Ina’s Food Network cooking show don’t prove it, her latest cookbook will – “Cooking For Jeffrey” releases October 25, and features only recipes that Ina has cooked for her husband of 47 years. Speckled among the recipes are stories and anecdotes of their enduring romance.

Cooking for Jeffrey: A Barefoot Contessa Cookbook

The couple met while Ina was visiting her brother at Dartmouth College while Jeffrey was studying there. The two married in 1968, which may seem like ancient times in marriage-years, but Ina claims that her greatest regret is “Not marrying Jeffrey sooner.” In fact, the day of her wedding to Jeffrey was “when [her] life began.

If that doesn’t sound like a fairytale romance, listen to Ina’s hopes for the afterlife: “I don’t care [how I die] as long as Jeffrey and I go together and we end up in a big suite with a view of the ocean.”

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This love story isn’t extraordinary in how it happened, or the struggles it faced. Ina and Jeffrey are extraordinary in their luck – very few people manage to find their soulmates, and even fewer are capable of recognizing if they have. For TV personality Ina Garten and her husband Jeffrey, they’re publishing a cookbook proving they’ve managed it.

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