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7 Awesome Halloween Costumes For Single Girls

Princess frock was 2006 and painted face was so last year! You are single and ready to mingle. Your costume needs to be a conversation starter. If it makes him laugh, you are half foot in. Here are our favorites Halloween costumes for the single girls that you can easily DIY.

1. Sweet Like Ice Cream


2. Half as prickly as Arizona cactus

Halloween Costume Ideas For Single Girl

3. Fun like a gum ball machine



4. If you must be a Princess, be a Taco Belle.

Taco Belle

5. You can be a Starbucks Frappuccino and of course, with extra whipped cream.

Halloween Costume Starbucks Frappuccino


6. If you must relive 2015 as Kimmy Kakes.

Kim Kardashian Champagne Halloween Costume

7. If you need to be bleeped out in a pixel.

Halloween Costumes for Single Girls


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