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An ordinary person sees plain greek yogurt, but a romantic beast sees its highest potential to be beautiful.

Being romantic does not limit you only to splurge on extravagant expensive things. It calls for you to see a heightened romantic value in the most ordinary of everyday objects.

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For those who don’t drink or coffee, (yes, coffeeing is a verb!) ice cream qualifies as first date food. If you want to impress your date, I suggest you showcase your ice cream knowledge and take your date to an ice cream shop unlike anything he/she ever experienced. Chances are, his/her last date probably already took her to try that instagram-worthy salted caramel ice cream from Salt & Straw. You want to stand out from the herd. After all, you are a Romantic Beast, you don’t go to ordinary ice cream shops.

Here are my favorite ice cream parlors in LA that offer a unique taste experience and therefore, will help you score major points. So major, it will be your first date cowabunga!

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Maybe this should be a Valentine’s Day column. And yet, for those yearning for romance, every day is look-for-love day.

As a high school teacher, as the father of two daughters, I’m mightily aware of the powerful pull of passion. Try teaching 17-year-olds about the balance of government power when the balance in their own lives has been shoved out of whack by ardor.

Not that it’s solely a teenage phenomenon. Singles, sixteen to sixty, are searching. And that’s the problem.

Until recently, I thought my love-finding theory was something only I believed. Boy was I wrong. Starting with this amazing (2nd century BC!) quote from the original yoga master, Patanjali, we’re taught that looking for love isn’t the answer. Finding a purpose is.

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Flowers are food for the soul. A moment admiring flowers is a moment of meditation. To experience what it feels like to live in the now, all you have to do is look at flowers.

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Send Random Love Letter

People get scared when I suggest to them to write love letters. Let me tell you a little secret. A love letter does not have to be a page long. A three-word note on a post-it saying “Thinking of you” is a love letter! Send it to your darling’s workplace. Send it on a greeting card, send it on a post-it, just send it.

Need an idea on what to write? Let me share my personal story.

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Soul therapy is now in session.

Take a breath.



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Love Quote on Self Value

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It’s cloudy with a chance of shower here in Los Angeles. When you don’t feel like going out, staying home does not have to be boring.

This weekend-at-home, I have decided to make an easy noodle dish with the simplest ingredients. 15 minutes tops.

So pause that House of Cards, and let’s head to the kitchen.

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