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These heart-shaped waffles are so adorable. Dress them up with your breakfast classic and serve them to your sweetie in the morning. Pop it in the toaster oven, top it off with your morning favorites.

If you need a more adventurous twist on the breakfast classic,  here’s how we dress up our heart-shaped waffles:

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This past weekend, I paid a visit to a new bakery in downtown LA, Mr. Holmes, and brought home four morning deliciousness. I thought the pastries needed some company, so I added some cascading baby orchids and snap snap snap.

I hope you take a little time to do something you love. It is good for the soul!

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Ina Garten, known to the world as her cooking show alterego “Barefoot Contessa,” isn’t just a master with a pot and pan. She and her husband Jeffrey have managed an arguably more difficult feat than simply achieving fame as a television chef – they’ve been married nearing 50 years, and are just as in love now as the day they took their vows.

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A few years ago, I was recovering from a broken heart after my relationship ended. My friends wanted me to grief for a short time, and then to immediately jump in the dating game again. All but one friend who told me otherwise. My friend Pamela said to take as much time for yourself, and while you’re at it, always be doing something new everyday. She told me to do ONE new thing every day. Something that I have never done before. It can be as simple as going on stage and sing karaoke or as complicated as taking a solo cruise to the Alaskan waters.

I went to a movie by myself. Had a full makeup done at MAC. Went into a salon and came out with bangs (never again!). Made scones, failed miserably, made madeleine cookies instead and sent some to my lawyers, and I did laundry (building laundry room) wearing shorts with full blown leg hair and no bra (tenant #303 was there. IDGAF and I survived laundry day)! I had a lot of first time experiences of things I would never ever do, but I did it and it changed something in me. Eventually the wound started to scab.

So when people ask me how someone who is broken-hearted can be a Romantic Beast, it made me think of Pamela and her challenge. I decided to make it a weekly series for our single friends, broken-hearted or not.

These intimate challenges will be presented every Wednesday at 7AM. You can do this challenge on any day of the week, as often as you like. As you do these challenges, it will introduce you to a side of yourself you have not recognized before. You shall find out soon. After you are done, tell us all about it and we will smile with you, over our afternoon scones and tea. Let’s start this week’s challenge!

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Princess frock was 2006 and painted face was so last year! You are single and ready to mingle. Your costume needs to be a conversation starter. If it makes him laugh, you are half foot in. Here are our favorites Halloween costumes for the single girls that you can easily DIY.

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